Monday, August 24, 2009

Stampin' Up! Pretties Kit

Have you seen the Stampin' Up! Pretties Kit? It's wonderful!

Copywrite Stampin' Up!© 1989-2009

And jam-packed full of goodies!

Copywrite Stampin' Up!© 1989-2009
See what you get inside? Lots and lots of everything below!

Pretties Kit
Price: $29.95

Use this versatile kit to embellish all of your works of art!

The flowers are white so you can color them to coordinate with our exclusive colors using Stampin' Pastels, Watercolor Wonder Crayons, or Classic ink to dye the flowers. The beads, pearls, and flowers add elegance to any project, and you can create custom hat pins using any of the pieces.

Approximate kit quantities:

■ White flowers: 50 (5 sizes, 10 each)

■ Halfback White pearls: 60 (30 small, 20 medium, 10 large)

■ Halfback Cream pearls: 60 (30 small, 20 medium, 10 large)

■ Round White pearls with holes: 45 (30 small, 15 large)

■ Round Cream pearls with holes: 45 (30 small, 15 large)

■ Clear beads: 40 (10 round beads with center hole, 10 round beads with side hole, 20 tear drop beads)

■ Round Rhinestone brads: 50 (20 small, 15 medium, 15 large)

■ Hat pins with clutches: 10

■ Spacer beads: 30

■ Packaged in a beautiful keepsake tin

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