Friday, September 5, 2008

Mary Kay (part trois)

This was my Thank You gift for my sister. I found this adorable 8 x 10 pink frame at Big Lots (for those who don't know Big Lots, it's a store that sells seconds and overstock).

copywrite Stampin' UP! 1989-2008

And then I made these 5 x 7 frames for her to sell for me.

I thought that they would be perfect for a Mary Kay consultant to place on her display table (next to her business cards) when having a party.

Mary Kay (more notebooks)

Here are some more notebooks and pens.

These ones were 3 1/2 x 4.

copywrite Stampin' UP! 1989-2008

And these ones were 5 x 7.

Mary Kay

A little while ago I made these notebooks and pens.
They are for my sister Mary Kay (yup....that's really her name) to sell for me to all of her Mary Kay friends.

These were 6x6 notebooks that I picked up a Michael's. I covered them in cardstock and Designer Series Paper.

Pink, White & Black...that's Mary Kay colors. It was actually sorta difficult to stick with 'only' those colors. There are a couple of other colors thrown in at times.

There are some Stampin' UP! items used....mostly, I used what I found in my stash.

Sorry about the blurry images...I had to hurry & get them photographed so I could pack them up to be transported from California (where I live) to Michigan (where my sister lives). My parents were taking a road trip out to MI and that saved me mega-bucks in shipping costs.

I've got more to share in the next posts also.

copywrite Stampin' UP! 1989-2008