Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3D Roses Tutorial

Finally! It's here! The 3D roses tutorial!!

Remember this Butterfly box with the 3D roses? Or this box? How about the matchbook?

I've been asked to make a tutorial on how to make these beautiful 3D roses.
I've been making them for years and years.
They are very easy...just takes a little bit of time and patience.

Here's the cast of characters for the first set (another version is below)

1 3/8" Circle Punch
Designer Series Paper Pattern I (Level 1 Hostess retired)
Mono-multi Adhesive
Scissors (a good, sharp pair)
Quilling Tool (or straight tweezers that stay closed)

Stampin' Up!© 1989-2009

Punch out a circle for every 3D rose you would like to make. The size of the rose depends on the size of the circle.

Next, use your sharp scissors and cut your circle in a swirl. There is no need to be precise. Actually, the more hills & valleys you make, the more your petals will look real.

...this one looks very evenly cut....

Cut & twirl, cut & twirl.

When you get to the end, there will be a little 'tab' shaped in a're going to use that for your 'base' of the rose.

The 'tab' is what I'm holding to show you what it should look like when you're done cutting.

Next, you want to start from the outer edge (where you started cutting) and slip that into the quilling tool (a quilling tool looks like a needle with the top broken off - it has a slot - and it usually has a 'base' that the paper 'sits' on when quilling).

Twirl, twirl, twirl...

Twirl, twirl, twirl...

Then it starts to take on the shape of a rose...

When you're done twirling, place your thumb on top of the rose & gently pry it off the quilling tool between two fingers.
This is where the 'tab' comes in...sorry, not very clear pix. Gently fold the tab back (my forefinger is holding it back).

Then squeeze a good amount of Mono-multi Adhesive in the hole (bottom), fold the tab back over, pressing it into the adhesive and hold for a second or two. Then flip it right side up and place it on something plastic (so the adhesive won't dry and stick to your surface). not panic if the rose starts to 'unravel'. It's adjusting itself based on the amount of pressure you used when twirling it. To stop it from unraveling too much, place your finger on top when you flip it over & put a bit of pressure on it for 30 seconds or more. You'll get the feel for it as you make more and more roses.

Here's a few different sizes.

These were made out of cardstock....Lavendar Lace, Mauve Mist (retired) & So Saffron.

And here they are in all of their glory (along with a few Pixie Pink ones thrown in for good measure).

...see the bottom Pixie Pink one? that's Mono-multi Adhesive that isn't dry....

...The next set...

Now, these one's were done with the Watercolor Roses technique that went awry. I tried the technique on Whisper White cardstock instead of Shimmery White. Uuuuh...wrong idea for the Watercolor Roses technique! But, they made awfully pretty 3D Roses!
If you haven't seen the Watercolor Roses technique over at Patty Bennett's blog, please go there immediately and check it out! She's simply amazing!

See how the petals look more like the real thing? I used the Fifth Avenue Floral rose petals as my cutting guide (ish).

Then add them to the growing pile....

Now for another idea for the 3D roses:

What you need:

open image stamp (I chose the rose from Fifth Ave Floral)
Real Red cardstock
White or Vanilla craft pad (because I'm using a dark cardstock)
Mono Multi glue
1 3/4" Round circle punch
Quilling tool (or tweezers)
scissors (sharp)

Randomly stamp the rose all over the cardstock. I overlapped the image quite a bit because I want the Vanilla to show up.

After letting the ink dry a bit, I punched out the circles with the 1 3/4" Circle punch.

Use your scissors to cut the circle into a 'twirl'. Start from the outer edge & work your way in. Do not be precise...the petals on a rose are never exact....therefore, you don't need to be. (this is my kind of cutting!)

It should look like this when you're done cutting. (except without it being blurry...sorry, hard to take pix left handed with a right handed camera).

Use your quilling tool to twirl the cardstock (see above instructions).

Sorry about the blurry pix....could not get a good angle for a better photo.
Coming soon I'll be showing you what my nieces did with my 'extra' roses.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the roses! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thanks Kathy! My 9 year old was sitting with me while looking at this and has already started trying to do some. Very clever!!