Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word Bag Swap

Each month, I meet with a group of ladies that get together and swap cards. Some are Stampin' Up! demonstrators and some aren't. We've named our group Inkpressions and we meet on the first Wednesday of each month and always have a lot of fun and laughs.

We usually do one or two make-n-takes and have coffee & desserts that we all bring.

Every so often we have a Word Bag Swap instead of swapping cards. It's when we take one or two words and use each letter of the word to put something in our bag. Our words were April fools ~ quite appropriate, dontcha think for April Fools Day? I know, I know...I'm tardy on getting this baby posted.

We then make a list, meet, play a game to swap and then open the bags. It's always so much fun! This one was hilarious!

I picked my friend Yvette's bag and she was quite the clever little minx!

Her bag was a plain (unadorned/stamped/etc) handled brown paper bag with a ribbon tied around the handle.

When I opened it up, I found Swiss Miss Caramel Creme Hot Cocoa and...

a Ralph's Grocery Ad?"

So, she comes up to me & says

"April Fools! This is really your bag."

and hands me this:

And, then I was thinking, "Uhhh, I'm getting groceries? Well, er, uuum, ooookaay."

She's just standing there grinning as I pull out my grocery 'receipt' (the list of items in the bag):

Then she pulls out 'the real list':

...and then the laughter ensues. The little stinker pulled a great prank! She packed up all of the 'gifts' in the boxes & bottles she had bought from the grocery store! What an imagination!

So, here they are.....I'm posting first what the 'grocery list' was and then what was actually the item I got.


Assorted rhinestones

Pringles Potato Chips

Precision tool & Paper clips

Ritz crackers

Reading Materials

Instant lunch

Ice cream card


Lolly pops (See’s Candy)

Folger’s Coffee

Five bottles of Tacky Glue

Orowheat Bread

Orange items


Oval Silver chain

Little Debbies

Lots of little fun things

Smuckers Strawberry Jelly

See's Candy "S"igars (chocolate cigars)

See how ingenious she was? I loved it!

I'll post my bag list & contents next.

Thanks for looking.


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