Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Background paper dilemma

What do you do when you have to make cards for a swap (anything goes) and you have no idea what to do?
I had decided to use background paper because I buy it and hoarde it...never sharing...bad, bad girl!
So, when I sat down, it was one of 'those' days when nothing would come to mind.
Not even when I pulled out my tried and true favorite stamp set Label Classics.
Not even when I pulled out my punches.
And, not even when I pulled out my much coveted colored brads.
...still nothing.

So, I (calmly....yeah right!) sat there at the table all night and watched TV. Periodically looking at the background paper (I think that one's called Sarah), and also at the stamp sets I pulled out (by this time I had pulled about 5 more sets for possible luck there!), and then back to the brads. And then I pulled out a couple years of Ideas books for...ideas! Saw some really cute samples and sticky posted the pages, but, still no insightful and amazing idea sprang forth....

So, as I sat there rolling my eyes at myself and basically tossing stuff around because I was so irritated, I decided to pack it in for the night & try again tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow came and when I sat down at the table lightening struck! (I still think I have the burn marks to prove it! I pulled out the background paper & set it in front of me.
Label Classics was already there along with Certainly Celery cardstock, colored brads & the flower punch (why oh why do I always forget the name of that adorable punch!?).

And, voila'...I had the card done in about 2 minutes!
I was so pleased with the simpleness of it.

And.....and.....I won the card contest!! Woohoo!!

So, I am one to advocate 'putting down the scissors, backing away and letting no one get hurt' mentality and picking them up again when you are in a much more rational mood.

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